The Hochalm... a unique place in rauris
the Hochalm
Our Hochalm is located at the top of the Hochalmbahn on 1780 meters.
Birds of pray
Enjoy the elegance and grace of the local birds of pray in one of our demonstrations.
Rustic hut with good cuisine. Sundeck breathtaking mountain scenery.
Starting point for a few hicking tours with a beautiful panorama view.
News about the Hochalm

Special dates and activities

Juli 2017
Our yearly festivity on the mountain with games, fun and action for the whole family.

Augustr 2017
Hochalm-Mountain running

September 2017
Salzburger Almsommer Wandercup - Salzburger Hickingcup

September 2017
Reißrachkopf 2.210 m Mountain Mass

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Mountain Run
Photogallery Hochalm and the valley
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