FALCONRY ... eagles, hawks, buzzards and owls.
the Hochalm
Our Hochalm is located at the top of the Hochalmbahn on 1780 meters.
Birds of pray
Enjoy the elegance and grace of the local birds of pray in one of our demonstrations.
Gold panning
Has a long tradition in our valley. Learn the first steps and find your own gold.
Starting point for a few hicking tours with a beautiful panorama view.
Falconry on the Hochalm

The falconry is directly at the Hochalm on 1.780 m above the sealevel, just a few meters away from the gondola topstation.
You can also hick up to our hut, it will take you about 2,5 hours.

Fascination and thrilling moments
During our 40. min long demonstration you have the chance to watch stunning birds inmiddle of a unique panorma, combined with facts about their lifestyle habits and natural behavior. Some of the breeds are critically endangered and we are proud to have some of them on our Hochalm.

Demonstration days

On Wednesday, the 19th of May we start into our summer season.

19.05. - 27.06.2013 every Sunday, Tuesday und Thursday

30.06. - 08.09.2013 daily open!

10.09. - 06.10.2013 every Sunday, Tuesday und Thursday

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The falconry demonstrations are always at
11:00 a.m. and 14:30 p.m.
Photogallery Falconry
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